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    Few living beings have some thing special about them and U can feel it the moment u near them... Evy is surely one special pup .. I know there are million strays who need a home and all of them deserve a loving home ... but there is something speci![alt text](image url)al about Evy, the night we saw her getting drenched in rain I gave her little food and moved her to a dry place but she followed us to our home .. We tried for an hour to drop her back but she won't leave.. Finally we gave up, fed her and gave a place to sleep ... I dropped her off the next morning at the same place but for the next 2 days she waited for us to come back and take her in.. kept chasing us till we give up to her cuteness .. :)

    She loves getting cosy with humans , a livewire and very street smart , friendly around other pets, toilet trained , vaccinated and dewormed...

    Please help me get her a loving home and the family who adopts her will get a loyal kid for a life....

    Attached pics and video of Evy with her current Foster's .. love is in the air !! ^_^
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